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Effects of Tobacco on the unborn

According to research, women smoking during pregnancy increase the risk of pregnancy complications, premature births, low-birth weight infants, still births, and even sudden infant death syndrome. The research also acknowledges that the nicotine found in cigarettes may cause constrictions in the blood vessels of the umbilical cord and the uterus. Consequently,

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Social Liberation and Health Promotion Network

The Social Liberation and Health Promotion Club was founded in 1995 and officially registered in 1996 as a cultural group. We are based in Kakamega town, Kakamega County. Its vision is an all round liberated and healthy citizenry. Our mission is to empower the individual with skills, attitudes and knowledge

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New Study Shows Tobacco Related Deaths on the Rise

At least three per cent of all deaths of men in Kenya every year is triggered by tobacco use, a new global report shows. The 2012 Tobacco Atlas says this is the most preventable cause of death in the country, and anywhere else in the world. It shows that Kenyans

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Tobacco Causes 14 types of cancer

Tobacco smoke has a toxic cocktail of over seventy cancer causing chemicals. Whenever a cigarette is smoked, all these chemical substances are able to get into the blood stream and travel within the body, raising the risk of cancer in over a dozen locations. Tobacco smoking is undoubtedly the main

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KETCA hosts members of parliament from Uganda

Today (25/06/2014) KETCA fraternity was privileged to host nine members of parliament and a representative from the Kenyan parliament to share experiences in Tobacco Control. Currently, Uganda is in the process of enacting her Tobacco Control bill and the Ugandan Parliamentary Committee for Health was eager to benchmark legislation and

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Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs—2014

 CDC’s Best Practices for Comprehensive Tobacco  Control Programs—2014 is an evidence-based guide  to help states plan and establish effective tobacco  control programs to prevent and reduce tobacco use.  This document updates Best Practices for  Comprehensive Tobacco Control Programs—2007.  This updated edition describes an integrated  programmatic structure for implementing  interventions proven

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New York raises minimum age to buy cigarettes to 21

By AFP  New York raised the  minimum age to buy  cigarettes to 21 on Sunday,  in its latest initiative to  encourage healthier  behavior among residents. The law, signed November  19 shortly before former  mayor Michael Bloomberg   finished his second term, had a six-month waiting period before it came into

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The Government Should Fully Enact Tobacco Act

Tobacco activists in Kenya have urged the government to fully implement the Tobacco Control Act 2007 and deal decisively with those contravening the act to ensure maximum enforcement of the law at the national and county level. The activists are greatly concerned that crucial sections of the Act are not

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Why Taxation is the Answer to the Tobacco Menace

This year’s theme for World No Tobacco Day was focusing on raising taxes on tobacco. But the underlying question remains – is raising taxation the answer to the tobacco menace? Nancy Gachoka, of KEFSHA expounds on the importance of taxation on dealing with the tobacco menace. By Nancy Gachoka  Today

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