Who We Are

We are the unifying voice for civil society organizations (CSOs) fighting against tobacco and it's deadly effects in Kenya.

Who We Are

We are the unifying voice for civil society organizations (CSOs) fighting against tobacco and it's deadly effects in Kenya.

The Kenya Tobacco Control Alliance (KETCA) is an umbrella organization for all Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) advancing the fight against the ills caused by the farming, production, manufacturing and consumption of tobacco in the Kenya.

As an umbrella body, KETCA strives to coordinate tobacco control efforts with the ultimate goal of having a Tobacco-Free Kenya.


To ensure coordinated efforts in tobacco control in Kenya, bringing on board all stakeholders not affiliated to the tobacco industry and not involved in the promotion of the growth or use of tobacco, in implementing national and international legal instruments, policies and activities on tobacco control and health.


The vision of the Alliance is “A Tobacco-Free Kenya”

Main Objective

To create awareness on the dangers of tobacco growing, use and exposure.

  • Coordination of civil society organization supporting tobacco control and health promotion in Kenya
  • Strengthening collaboration among CSOs and with government

Message from the Chairman

The fight against tobacco requires each and everyone of us to be highly involved. With a sustained fight, Tobacco-Free Kenya is totally achievable.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of the Alliance in one way or the other. Your efforts and contribution cannot be taken for granted and the Alliance is what it is because of you. 

This is indeed a calling and I urge us to continue holding hands as we face the tobacco giants.

I also wish to invite all like-minded organization to join the Alliance to build a fortress unbreakable by the financial muscle of the tobacco industry.

Thank you and God bless Kenya!


Mr. Joel Gitali Chairman, KETCA Board

Our Team

Board of Directors

The Alliance is governed by a duly elected board and the day-to-day affairs are managed by the Secretariat under the leadership of the National Coordinator.

Mr. Joel Gitali
Geoffrey Chabari
Mr. Geoffrey Chabari
Vice Chairman
Mr. Thomas Lindi
Linah Amugata
Ms. Linah Amugata
Ms. Celine Awuor
Mr. Samuel Ochieng
Mr. Godwin Munyasa
Ms. Jacquline Mugo

Our Members

Our membership cuts across civil society organizations dealing with various aspects of tobacco control and health promotion. 

Social Liberation and Health Promotion Network

Den of Hope

Consumer Information Network

African Women Alliance for Tobacco Control

National Taxpayers Association

Kenyan Network of Cancer Organizations

International Institute For Legislative Affairs

Join Us

Become a KETCA Member

As part of the Tobacco Control fraternity, KETCA members work closely to organise varied tobacco control topics and assist tobacco control implementers and advocates with policy making in Kenya.

Membership Benefits



The Alliance provides a platform for easy networking with other like-minded CSOs and collaboration, especially with government entities.



The Alliance realizes how an arduous task resource mobilization is. Therefore, the Alliance provides a platform for co-fundraising among members.



For sustainable advocacy efforts and tangible outcomes, the Alliance engages and encourages its members to conduct joint research for all members involvement.



For a Tobacco-Free Kenya to be realized, the Alliance encourages teamwork from its membership. And major successes the country has realized so far is a product of the same. Together Every organization achieves more.