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Den of Hope Youth Group is a vibrant community-based organization located in Nairobi’s Eastleigh area within the Kamukunji Subcounty in Kamukuni Constituency.
Member Since: January 2006
IILA is a not-for-profit organization that works closely with policy making institutions, government departments, members of parliament and other stakeholders in the legislative process.
Kenyan Network of Cancer Organizations is a national umbrella body of 35 cancer NGOs, patient groups and community-based organizations that are active in different aspects of cancer control.
The NTA is an independent, non-partisan organization focused on promoting good governance in Kenya through citizen empowerment, enhancing public service delivery and partnership building.
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As part of the Tobacco Control fraternity, KETCA members work closely to organise varied tobacco control topics and assist tobacco control implementers and advocates with policy making in Kenya.

Membership Benefits



The Alliance provides a platform for easy networking with other like-minded CSOs and collaboration, especially with government entities.



The Alliance realizes how an arduous task resource mobilization is. Therefore, the Alliance provides a platform for co-fundraising among members.



For sustainable advocacy efforts and tangible outcomes, the Alliance engages and encourages its members to conduct joint research for all members involvement.



For a Tobacco-Free Kenya to be realized, the Alliance encourages teamwork from its membership. And major successes the country has realized so far is a product of the same. Together Every organization achieves more.