Building Champions in Tobacco Control
Advocating for Strong Tobacco Control Policies

Who We Are

We are a Tobacco Control and Health Promotion Alliance, that promotes “Health for All”. We bring together CSOs supporting tobacco control and health promotion in Kenya and beyond.


We aspire to inspire action and social change through our varied programs under our five key thematic areas of health rights and policy advocacy, research, trade and economy, and agriculture.

Evidence-based advocacy is core to our push for effective policies for tobacco control and health promotion.
We believe in developing competencies and skills for effective and sustainable tobacco control and health promotion advocacy.
One of our key mandates is to coordinate CSO’s advancing the tobacco control agenda in the country and to promote collaboration with key state actors.
Public education and awareness is key to the mitigation of the deadly effects that result from tobacco use and exposure.

We are proud of @agallo_kwenda, who despite her excruciating experiences in dealing with THREE #Cancer, has intentionally made advocacy for quality care and management of cancer #HerReasonForBeing.

We join Sally in calling for routine screening to #SaveLives

@IGCSociety @uicc

Workplaces can promote health and safety for all workers @MOH_Kenya @ChiromoHospGrp
@issupnet @Amref_Kenya @KETCA254 @ntakenya
@NCDAllianceKe @IILAinfo @O_Benjamin_ @ChildSpace1 @UNODC_EA @slumchildfoundation #DrugFreeWorkplaces #PreventionWorks #KEPreventionWeek

Workplaces can promote health and safety of all workers @bluecrosskenya @UNODC_EA @O_BENJAMIN @slumchildfound @ChildSpace1 @IILAinfo @ntakenya @KETCA254 @Amref_Kenya @issupnet @ChiromoHospGrp @MOH_Kenya #DrugFreeWorkplaces #PreventionWorks #KEPreventionWeek

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Join a growing movement of people around Kenya who are working to keep their local communities safe from the harmful effects of tobacco.