A Tobacco Industry Interference Report

A Tobacco Industry Interference Report

This assessment report has clearly shown several instances where the tobacco industry has interfered with regulating its novel nicotine products. For example, as the globe struggled to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, the tobacco industry strategically evolved its product line to reign in its customers, old and new, to maintain its profits.

The industry posed as an entity concerned with society’s health while simultaneously pushing products that exacerbated COVID-19 effects and add financial strains to health systems.

It is manifest that the tobacco industry’s actions were motivated foremost by profits and marginally by concerns for public well-being. It employed its innovation and resources to ensnare new customers for its products while attempting to sidestep health policies and regulatory mechanisms.

It’s however noteworthy that the efforts by the Kenyan government through the Ministry of Health and the relentless actions by the civil society, led by the Kenya Tobacco Control Alliance (KETCA), media organizations, and parents’ associations to counter and limit the tobacco industry influence bore fruits.

Publish Date: Aug 31, 2022