KETCA on Ghetto Radio

KETCA on Ghetto Radio

Today, March 30, 2019, KETCA was privileged to be hosted by Ghetto Radio, the official Sheng station during the #SareeMadree Show

Represented by the Chairperson Mr Joel Gitali and the Coordinator Mr Thomas Lindi, KETCA engaged in public education of the dangers of tobacco use and why Kenyans should be wary of emerging tobacco products such as the e-Cigarettes and vapes.

Tobacco use kills whichever way it is consumed.

The following are some of the reactions on social media

Public education is vital in ensuring that Kenya becomes tobacco-free. Kenyans need to know their roles in pushing for implementation of tobacco control laws and taking action whenever they spot violations.

Indeed this was a very educative show, thanks to Ghetto Radio for hosting us.

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