Ban Lyft Nicotine Pouches in Kenya

We tobacco control, health promotion advocates and for the general wellbeing of humanity in Kenya, urge the Ministry of Health to BAN LYFT NICOTINE POUCHES. We are convinced that these products were illegally allowed into the Kenyan market and that PPB contravened the law. We applaud your swift action that saw the withdrawal of these […]

Kenya Tobacco Industry Interference Index 2020

The 2020 Kenya Tobacco Industry Interference Index has been prepared by our members, the Consumer Information Network (CIN). This is the second report for Kenya, the first report being that for 2019. It should be noted that whereas considerable effort has been made to include all publicly available information on tobacco industry interactions with the […]

Smoking, Vaping and COVID-19: Emerging Evidence

Smokers and vapers may be at greater risk for severe illness when confronted with COVID-19. COVID-19 attacks the lungs and behaviours that weaken the lungs put individuals at greater risk. The harmful impact of smoking on the lungs is well-documented, and there is evidence that e-cigarette use (vaping) can also harm lung health. It is […]

PRESS STATEMENT: Tobacco Industry Enjoying Impunity with Government Support

June 29th 2020 Internationally, Kenya is recognized as one of the leading countries in tobacco control. Indeed, the country was instrumental in the development of the World Health Organization Framework Convention for Tobacco Control (WHO-FCTC) and was among the first countries to sign and ratify the protocol in 2004. The protocol was then domesticated by […]

Open Letter to President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta

Dear Mr President, RE: ALARM OVER STATE OF TOBACCO INDUSTRY INTERFERENCE AND INFLUENCE IN KENYA DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC Your Excellency, we wish to draw your attention to the blatant abuse of the people of Kenya and our legal frameworks for commercial interests. These include the Constitution, Tobacco Control Act 2007 and Tobacco Control Regulations 2014 […]

Kenya’s Ratification of ITP a Big Boost to the Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic

Statement of Joel Gitali, Chairman, Kenya Tobacco Control Alliance May 06, 2020 NAIROBI, KENYA – Kenya becomes the 59th party to the Protocol to Eliminate Illicit Trade in Tobacco Products. This is a bold step in support of tobacco control and the fight against the deadly effects caused by tobacco use in the country. The […]

Health Warning Label Compliance Guide

Tobacco companies use tobacco packaging as a way to promote and market their products and increase sales. Larger, best-practice health warning labels and other requirements for tobacco packaging and labeling can counter these efforts Joanna Cohen, Director, The Institute for Global Tobacco Control (IGTC) This guide is meant to help civil society groups assess whether […]

Tobacco and Alcohol ARE NOT Essential Products in the Fight Against COVID-19

On April 8, 2020, the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Enterprise Development through the Business Emergency Response Centre (BERC) enlisted tobacco and alcohol among essential products. The Kenya Tobacco Control Alliance (KETCA) and ten other health actors have written an open letter to the Cabinet Secretary for Industrialization, Trade and Enterprise Development urging her […]

Tobacco and Cancer

Tobacco is a leading preventable cause of cancer and is responsible for many cancers.