Kenya Tobacco Control Alliance
Advocating for a Tobacco-Free Kenya



Born in Tiriki, Vihiga County in 1965, went through Senende Primary and Secondary Schools before joining Equator High School in Thika. Holds a Bachelors degree in Sociology and Kiswahili, a Postgraduate Diploma in Education, both of Kenyatta University, and a Higher Diploma in Guidance and Psychological Counseling. Also holds certificates in Advanced Bible Studies and Evangelism. Now in the process of completing a Masters course at Kenyatta University and a Diploma in Educational Management at the Kenya Educational Management Institute. He currently serves as a Senior Graduate Teacher.

He founded the Social Liberation and Health Promotion Club (Renamed Social Liberation and Health Promotion Network-SLAHPNET) in 1995 to champion health promotion in the society, in Nyanza and Western Provinces. This was a response to what he perceived as a society that was prone to preventable diseases, disabilities and death, resulting from the high levels of ignorance and ways of living. The mission was to ignite a process that would lead to Social Change and Cultural Transformation. Behaviour change among members of the society and communal emancipation were key to better health.

He has, with SLAHP-NET organization, and as an individual, had activities with various government ministries and departments, religious organizations, Civil Society organizations, communities among others. He led SLAHP in running a successful anti-Aids campaign in Vihiga County (the then Vihiga District) between 1999 and 2013.

Mr Gitali became SLAHP-NET’S contact person in matters Tobacco Control when the organization joined KETCA in 2008, two years after the former’s official launch. He fast learnt the ropes and was elected the Assistant Secretary one year later. He was elected the Chairperson, unopposed in 2013 and re-elected unopposed in 2016.

Mr Gitali has participated in National and International Tobacco Control forums including but not limited to conferences, trainings and surveys. He is well skilled in Capacity building, advocacy, Networking, Industry monitoring and leadership. As a School teacher, he scripts, trains and directs plays and verses for drama and music festivals. He has served as a District Drama Vice Chair and a District Music Secretary. Generally, a great lover of Sports and Art. His vision is a Tobacco Free Kenya.