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Mr Francis Mallo


Francis Mallo is currently the public relation officer (PR) of Den of hope and human right defender. He also serves as: Executive committee member in Nairobi People Settlement Network (NPSN); Core Committee member of Economic Social right movement in Kenya; member of Land and housing Coalition in Kenya; and also current Board Member of Kenya Tobacco Control Alliance (KETCA),
Being social activist, Mallo is deeply concerned about the disproportionate impacts of human rights violations on marginalized groups, especially, children’s, women and the elderly. He has vast experience in community organizing for safeguarding the interests of marginalized communities in the face of state repression. Additionally, he has actively supported the struggle of landless and homeless people at different times and was consistently involved in defending rights of women and children, which intensively involved the campaign against the destruction of livelihoods and the rich environment due land grabbing and forced evictions.

Currently, Mallo is undertaking diploma in community development, community paralegal and also peer educator and community mobilizer.

Involvement in Tobacco Control:

Mallo has been involved in tobacco control activities for the last 8 years, with his organization, Den of Hope being a member of KETCA since its inception. He has actively been involved in Monitoring of Tobacco industry’s interference.