KETCA is primarily involved in the following programs to further the tobacco control agenda in the country:

Strengthening Coordination among tobacco control CSO actors

As an umbrella body for CSOs advancing tobacco control in the country, KETCA provides platforms through various forums to allow for information and experience sharing among tobacco control advocates. These forums provide opportunities for organizations to work together, as well as, avoid duplication of tobacco control efforts.

Strengthening Collaboration with government and partners

The Ministry of Health provides leadership in advancing tobacco control in the country. Therefore, KETCA provides the much needed link for CSOs and Government. In the national coordination framework, KETCA acts as the secretary where the Ministry of Health provides the chairmanship. KETCA also endeavors to streamline collaboration with both local, regional and international partners supporting tobacco control in Kenya.

Building capacities of various actors in tobacco control

Tobacco control at both the national and county levels tend to be very dynamic and complicated. Therefore, KETCA together with its membership and other stakeholders work closely to build the capacity of various tobacco control stakeholders at both levels of governance.

Carrying out EVIDENCE-based advocacy

Tobacco control terrain is ever changing at the local, regional and global level. There are emerging issues that require to be addressed at various levels. Therefore, KETCA by itself or through its membership carries out research to support its advocacy efforts.

Awareness building and Public Education

The Tobacco Industry has since time immemorial targeted unsuspecting users by their deadly products. Tobacco use in Kenya is directly linked to thousands of deaths in the country, a trend that KETCA is keen to reverse. KETCA carries out a series of public education and awareness building on the dangers of tobacco use.