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The half-day forum brought together members drawn from both Kenya Tobacco Control Alliance (KETCA) and Kenya Tobacco Control Board (KTCB). KTCB is a unit within the Government under the ministry of Health that was established by the Tobacco Control Act of 2007. KETCA on the other hand, is a membership umbrella organization operating under the purview of Civil Society.

KETCA held a consultative meeting with KTCB on 9 January 2014, at Heron Portico Hotel in Nairobi. The forum organized and hosted by KETCA, is part of her activities towards coordination and harmonization efforts in tobacco control in Kenya.

Objectives of the Forum

Since the enactment of Tobacco Control Act in 2007, Kenya has made significant strides in Tobacco Control; including the establishment of Kenya Tobacco Control Board in 2009, however, in the last five years, the absence of regulations has hampered effective implementation, enforcement, compliance, and monitoring of the Tobacco Control Act (2007). The drafting of regulations, is a mandate of the KTCB. The meeting therefore, sought to understand the challenges on both sides within Government and civil society and chat a way forward to realize the objectives of the TC Act (2007), by inter alia:

  1. KETCA Working closely with KTCB to pressurize Ministry of Health to Pass the Regulations by way of Gazette Notice,
  2. Orient TCB on Country Work-plan developed by the CSOs in 2013
  3. Coordinate and pool synergies toward implementation of harmonized Tobacco control activities without duplication, but with a collective voice
  4. Develop common strategic agenda for Tobacco control in Kenya
  5. Avoiding duplication in the implementation (activities) and making every effort add value, and make impact for Tobacco control with clear results

Forum participants

The participants comprised of members drawn from civil society, different ministries, and government departments who form the greater constituency of Tobacco Control in Kenya affiliated to KETCA and those appointed to TCB through an act of parliament. These offered invaluable depth, knowledge, diversity, and understanding of tobacco control agenda, that was brought to the meeting.