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Feeding on “Blood money” BAT Corruption revealed

Are our government officials and politicians feeding on “Blood money”? During every election or bi-election, Kenyans go to the polls with anticipation of electing leaders who are going to make their lives better. Leaders who are going to uphold higher standards of health for Kenyans. But the recent revelations by Independent

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MPs tell off firms over new tobacco regulations

National Assembly committee on Health will not attend any retreat organised by tobacco companies lobbying for favourable regulations, chairperson Racheal Nyamai has said. There have been reports that committee members have been invited to a retreat at the Coast over the regulations where they would be paid handsomely. Ms Nyamai

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MPs hand tobacco firms licence to kill

The fight against the use of tobacco and related substances remains a mirage, after a push to pass the controversial Tobacco Control regulations hit a snag yet again. This was after sharp differences emerged between two parliamentary committees and the Ministry of Health, which effectively means tobacco firms will have

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Tobacco Control Regulations a Must for Kenya

Download the Tobacco Control Regulations 2014 Cigarette manufacturers, distributors and importers will not be allowed to put brand names or trademarks on cigarette packages and wrappers starting June this year. According to the new Tobacco Control Regulations 2014 published by the Ministry of Health on Monday, the cigarette packages will

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WHO FCTC – Celebrating 10th Anniversary

What is the WHO FCTC? The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) is the world’s only legally-binding public health tool. It aims to save lives through preventing and controlling the use of tobacco products – 179 countries and the European Union have so far become Parties to the

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Policy Brief on Kenya Tobacco Control Regulations (2014)

BACKGROUND ON TOBACCO CONTROL REGULATIONS (2014) The proposed regulations have been specifically crafted to implement the tobacco control measures that have already been approved by Parliament via the 2007 Tobacco Control Act. Given that tobacco use in Kenyans is among the highest in sub-Saharan Africa, these proposed regulations aim to

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Shocking statistics on tobacco smoking in Kenya

Over 8 billion sticks of cigarettes are smoked in Kenya every year, according to recent statistics from the World Health Organization ( WHO). This represents an increase given the statistics indicate that over 6.4 billion sticks of cigarettes smoked in 2013 in the country despite sustained anti smoking campaign by

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War against tobacco taken to the media

Following the launch of the Anti-Tobacco Mass Media campaign, the war against tobacco has literally been taken to the media. Recently, the Chair of KETCA has been making rounds to various media stations with one message – Tobacco Kills. Today, the Chair was in  one of the local stations discussing

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Kenya Launches Anti-Tobacco Mass Media Campaign

The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the World Lung Foundation and Tobacco Control Civil Society Organizations in Kenya, today (Dec 02, 2014) marked a significant milestone in the fight against Tobacco with the launch of a Mass Media campaign.  The Campaign dubbed Smoking  Kills was officially launched at  the Panafric

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